Who is Zyab? Edit

Zyab is one of the more frequent members of Arc, as well as one of the more well known and popular among the other arc members. She is best known for her beanies, broken down laptop, lust and love for anime and hentai (specifically lolis), her love for a e s t h e t i c s, as well as her tendencies of being late to Arc due to his small trips she makes after school to consume cannabis. She identifies as a transgender, and has a strong desire to prominently wear feminine clothing.

Appearance Edit

Zyab has a very strict style of clothing, this being one of her few in a small collection of shirts from The Yetee, this can range from splatoon art, the sand bag from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and a screen cap the Playstation 2 opening splash animation. One of these shirts is almost always accompanied by a light grey zip-up sweatshirt, which will be either worn normally or tied around her waist. She wears basic light blue and white jeans, and checkered patterned slip-on shoes. She has long hair, a slightly Acne'd face, subtly spaced teeth with braces, and always wears one of two beanies.

Origin of the Name "Zyab" Edit

Now obviously her birth name and legal name are not Zyab, that would be absurd. Her birth name was originally "Zyan" Baker, pronounced (Zye-anne). The name Zyab (Zyay-buh), was given to her by her friends and fellow arc members after one of them accidentally misspelled her name while referring to her in a group chat on Facebook Messenger. Zyan quickly fell in love with the misspelling, and was quick to insist that this become her new name (she had previously not been attached or very fond of her birth name). In a surprisingly quick fashion, referring to Zyan as the new "Zyab" title became second nature to the friends and peers that gave her this new name. They described it like, "being able to watch anime and read the subtitles. It's automatic.".

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