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Who is Markus? Edit

Markus is probably one of the most respected, if not beloved members of the Arc veterans. He is a Bulgarian-born American citizen of Slavic and Italian decent, and is most well known about the school's campus and Arc room for his charming accent, smooth and soothing narrating voice, and his excellent skills in literary arts. It is a highly well known fact among his friends, companions, and comrades that he enjoys to indulge himself into things such as Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros., Cuphead, Bloodborne, Opera/Orchestral/Metal Music, Nostalgia Critic, and most notably and recently, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure along with various other animes. These are the collective things that form his lovable and charming personality. He is a gentleman at heart, and a friend when he needs to be.

Appearance Edit

Markus always has long flowing curly hair, but it can occasionally be straight. (Just like him.) One of Markus' staple features is his finely kempt beard and signature glasses. His gentleman mentality and stature are greatly demonstrated by the way he dresses, his most famous outfits including mainly black colours occasionally including something dapper such as a light green cargo coat or a black trench coats. Underneath he wears plain coloured shirts with obscure designs, and every so often the occasional T-Shirt that shows off his light inner nerd, and that he isn't afraid that people know it.

The Markus Theory Edit

Every member of the Arc room share a collective theory and opinion about how the Universe was created, and it all traces back to Markus. The theory goes as such: Markus existed before the existence of everything, and one day decided to spread his seed into this vast nothingness with the hopes of birthing something new to occupy the time. This seed exploded, and this is what scientists believe to be the big bang that erupted and formed the collection of inner galaxies and then the formations of planets and star systems. Life continued as the big bang goes, with the start of life blooming on the solar system in the milky way galaxy. After witnessing the birth of the human race, whose body figure was modeled after his own on a planet he named Earth, he shrunk his massive godly size down to that of these new creatures in order to blend in and live among them. He is considered by every member of the human race to be their father, and is referred to as such by his friends and peers.

Markus' Political Views Edit

While staple features that appear in your head when you think of Markus may be things like his beard, glasses, humor, the biggest feature of them all would have to be his love for traditional leftist Marxist Communism and past leaders of the Soviet Union. He is a proud member of the Soviet Union first, and a father second. He has a rich history of fighting in many of the wars that involved the expansion of the U.S.S.R., he claims he fought on the front lines at World War II and slaughtered millions of American soldiers during the Vietnam war. He has been spotted in a lot of political paintings in cartoons and even old photographs, either in the middle of a manslaughter or slav squatting over dead traitors. To this day he claims that his ultimate goal is to take over capitalist America utilizing his undeniable skill at "world conquering" related top down strategy games.

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