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Who is Ethan? Edit

Ethan is one of the more... interesing members of the arc boys group, though quite a controversial personality, surprisingly he is tolerated by his peers. While occasionally compared to the typical comic relief character in a basic comedic anime, he can occasionally be serious when he sees fit and when the situation calls for it. He is very well known for a few things, one being his controversial and strong negative opinions on the Basketball American and Hispanic community in the school, likely formed through his high school years and how their social and urban culture had grown a great annoyance to him. Another thing he is known for is his enjoyment of animes of the fighting and action variety, but also highly enjoys other popular genres such as slice of life and fantasy; action and fighting being not a popular genre among the likes of Cooper and Zyab. Things that form Ethan's personality likely stem from his interest and following in things like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball, and various Nintendo games and Nintendo hacking activities as well as developing existing traits from members of The Boys v.2; mainly Anthony and Ethan McKinley as they both share similar interests. He is a strong advocate for socialism and genuinely believes in Marxist Communism along with his "father", Markus, who he highly idolizes and takes after as his father figure. Most people in the arc room know him for his hobby of controlling the arc speakers and acts as the DJ. His range of music choice can move from purely ironic, to questionable/controversial, and then popular through all of the boys (rare). He is one of the three loli conessuiers, and has a prominent and fairly respectable hentai collection.

Appearance Edit

EDIT: Ethan's clothing style consist of about ten different Yetee shirts and simple black jeans. Recently he has been showering more often than usual, giving his usual moderate hair a more smooth and volumed look. (Best depicted in the image of him with the communist manifesto.) His skin colour is the most white out of everybody else in the group, and while he is constantly picked on for it, he displays that he is proud of it nonetheless. His eyes are a light green colour, and his nose is on the bigger side. While from the front he can often at look devilishly handsome(or beautiful depending on his mood), his profile shot always ruins it. Recently he started painting his nails black because he claims it "matches the colour of his clothes".

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