Who is Coby? Edit

Coby Herroon is a classic member of the arc program. He is also apart of the Mission Bay High School special education program, and is known campus-wide for his quirky way of associating with others. It is thought by many that he has some underline form of disassociation attention deficit hyperactive disorder or autism, but what exactly he has is unclear. He is constantly mocked in a friendly nature by his peers in the Arc room, because of the hilariously charming way he can state and repeat certain phrases he hears around him, knowing that Coby himself has not yet developed his own personality and instead acts as an impressionable infant copying others to appear more adult.

Some of these words that he uses to respond are "sometimes.." or, "why?". Simple responses that he has learned in his special education class are used to the best of his ability in any conversation as a way to cleverly respond while simultaneously not adding any structure or content to the conversation he is engaged in.

Story Arcs Edit

There are several "story arcs" that the Arc members document throughout their knowledge of Coby and certain phases he goes through in his daily life, whether it be certain specific ways that he acts or certain phrases he has just freshly learned at the time. Here is every story arc documented by Coby's peers.

The Anti-Swearing Chronicles Edit

Coby is well known by all who associate with him for being very anti-swearing, he does not tolerate and does not allow the use of bad and foul language whether it be in the Arc room or in daily school classes. There are no exceptions for anyone. The Arc members had assessed that these were the specific policies that had been pounded into what's left of his brain while in his special education curriculum as a way to appear more responsible and mature around his peers, rendering him even more infantile in the eyes of everybody in Arc. The need to cease everybody he knows from using urban or foul language has since retreated from its prime era, dying down and becoming more obscure knowledge. It is known by some of the more frequent Arc members state that he occasionally tells somebody to "not say that", referring to the curse used in context, but only when the moment is seemingly necessary.

The "No ___ in Arc" Saga (Ongoing) Edit

The Arc room has had certain rules to it, things such as no cursing or no eating inside the room. This specific rule of not eating within the walls of the Arc room developed probably the Arc rooms most popular, overused, and hilarious phrase which is as follows: "No ___ in arc.", referencing the many times that several Arc employee's have said "No eating in arc." The boys began to replace the word "eating" with almost any verb or noun and found great humor from it. How Coby himself fits into the use of this phrase is where the members of the Arc room find so hilariously comedic about his lack of any ability for genuine social interaction. It started out as "No food in Arc.", as per one of the legitimate Arc rules. Then as the arc members began having fun with the phrases and changing the word "food" with almost any other phrase, Coby picked up on it and began to say these regularly.

Some of the more popular variations of the phrase are as follows:

- "No hair in Arc."

- "No Robert in Arc."

-"No video games in Arc."

So on, and so forth.

Because of these phrases he learned from associating himself with the Arc members, they determined as a group that despite how socially and intellectually handicapped Coby is, he does have the capability of learning and repeating speech patterns.

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