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Who is Chills?

Chills is a Untamable beast in the sheets by the name of Dylan, and owner of the channel Top15s. His video content on the site include top 15 stories or subjects of disturbing topics such as unsolved 4chan/Reddit mysteries or creepy and unexplainable videos and images. His height of popularity skyrocketed after releasing a video titled "Top 15 Mysteries Solved by 4chan", in which the first and 15th story, which he named "Burger King Foot Lettuce", was quickly picked up by the internet and meme'd to death within weeks.

How does Chills Influence the boys?

Only very recently has Chills started to make an impact on the boys, and it is because of how Ethan Hayden and Cooper collectively discovered how fun it was to say almost anything in Chills' quirky and memorable narration voice, which is memorable for his absurd pronunciation of almost every vowel. It is not clear how Chills suddenly became relevant within the group, but it is theorized that it is because of Cooper bringing back the meme while talking about Matthew Patrick of Game Theory and ending up reminding everybody who Chills is. The boys now use their best impressions of Chills in order to mock the way he narrates his videos and how they are structured.

Ex. "Top 15 scariest moments in anime. Number 15: Cooper Perry" -Entire group laughs.

Chills is 20 years old and was born in Canada.

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